Tax Firm Empire Franchise Kit

Franchise with Tax Firm Empire

Tax Firm Empire offers its franchisees support ranging from comprehensive training to industry leading software. We also offer help site selection and much more. With Tax Firm Empire, you can quickly open your tax office without the extra burden of ironing out the technicalities that come with starting a business.

No Experience Necessary

You do not need to have prior experience in the taxation field to run a Tax Firm Empire franchise. All you need to have to open a franchise with us is business experience and the funds necessary to cover the costs. Owing to the seasonal nature of tax seasons, you may choose to take up your franchise as a side business, or run your operation year 'round by processing business returns. The flexibility can allow you to dictate how to spend your time without compromising the health of your Empire Tax Firm franchise.


Explore Two Franchise Options

We offer an EFIN option and Non-EFIN option to jumpstart your Tax Firm Empire location.

EFIN Owner

If you are savvy and experienced tax preparer, this option allows you to process returns using your Electronic Filing Identification Number (EFIN). There are no additional software fees and profits are split with every return; you receive 85% and we receive 15%. In addition, we include the following:

  • Special Edition of MaximusPro Franchise Plus Edition
  • Training and support on how to set up your tax office
  • Training and support on how to find qualified agents.
  • Assistance with finding a profitable location (i.e. grocery store, check cashing locations, and other retail locations)

Non-EFIN Owner

This is a great option for entrepreneurs who are new to the industry. You will use our Electronic Filing Identification Number (EFIN) to process your clients' returns. We will provide you with a special edition of MaximusPro Franchise Starter Edition. There are no additional software fees and profits are split with every return; you receive 75% and we receive 25%.