About Tax Firm Empire

Tax Firm Empireis multimillion dollar tax preparation company founded by Jessica and David Martin in 2019. Through Tax Firm Empire, the Martins have helped thousands of people- not only file tax returns- but educate others in financial literacy. Tax Firm Empire has trained over 100 tax agents how to file accurate tax returns and team building.


We have locations throughout the United States spanning from Houston, TX to Rockford, IL to Atlanta, GA, to name a few. We are expanding our footprint, offering low barrier to entry franchising opportunities to new and existing tax professionals.

Products and Services

Tax Firm Empire is a full service tax preparation company, offering fast, affordable and convenient state and federal tax preparation. Our trusted tax preparers are well-trained to calculate accurate refunds, providing clients with the maximum allowed. We also offer fast cash advances of up to $6,000 so that clients can get the jump start you need to accomplish their goals. We offer refund advances via direct deposit and complimentary prepaid debit cards. Tax Firm Empire offer the perfect balance between reliability, affordability, personal attention, and a wealth of experience to deliver accurate, high quality tax preparation our clients can depend on.

Clients leave their taxes to us, so that they can concentrate on building their future empire.

Are you interested in becoming a tax professional?